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"Compassionate Care for Nine Lives and Beyond"

Our Mission

We strive to meet these goals because of our love and commitment to our feline friends and our understanding of the bond that you have with them as a member of your family.

Our Vision

At Cat’s Corner our vision is to continue to provide the highest quality of care to our patients, by continuing to grow in our knowledge of veterinary medicine and by staying current with the latest in technological advances.

Core Statements and Values

Commitment to Excellence – We will strive for excellence with each case and with all that we do. We will strive every day to maintain the standards of the American Animal Hospital Association.

Commitment to the Profession – Our team will be committed to the profession of helping animals and furthering their education in veterinary medicine at all times.

Compassion and Care –  We will show compassion and care for all patients and clients.

Trust & Integrity – We are committed to building trusting relationships by always being honest and ethical.

Family – Our patients and clients will be treated as though they are part of the family, “one of our own.”

Informative and Communicative – We will never be too busy to communicate all the options to each owner, and inform and educate as to their cats' condition.

Professionalism – Our team will always uphold a professional attitude, atmosphere and appearance.

Transparency – We will offer tours of our facility and allow clients to accompany their cat when at all possible.

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