At Cat’s Corner we follow the vaccination guidelines of the American Association of Feline Practitioners which promotes safer and less frequent vaccination protocols. We use the safest, most effective vaccine brand available on the market for cats called PUREVAX® by Merial®. These are the leading non-adjuvanted vaccines.

Adjuvanted vaccines can present potential risks to feline patients such as, injection site reactions, injection site granuloma, and chronic inflammation**. Here at Cat's Corner Veterinary Hospital, we use ONLY Purevax® vaccines for the safety of our feline patients.

** ref MacyDW. The potential role and mechanisms of FELV Vaccine induced Neoplasms. Seminars in Vet medicine and surgery (small animal) 1995; 10(4): 234-237

Preventive Physical Examinations

Did you know that cats are very good at hiding signs of illness? This is why preventive care examinations for all cats need to occur on a regular basis. Young healthy cats and senior cats need to be seen at a minimum of once yearly for examinations.  Geriatric patients and those with chronic conditions need to be seen twice yearly for examinations. These visits are important to your cat’s individualized healthcare plan. Some things that will be discussed and assessed are your cat’s nutrition, lifestyle, environmental enrichment, disease, parasite prevention, and behavior. Cats age more rapidly than we do so preventive care examinations are a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. During the physical examination, our veterinarians can often detect conditions that may affect your cat’s health long before they become significant, allowing you and us to manage or cure them before they become painful or more costly. You are an important member of your cat’s healthcare team. You can be instrumental in helping your cat live a happy and healthy quality of life.

Medical and Surgical Health Care

We provide a full range of medical and surgical health care for our patients. Surgical services offered can range from routine spaying and neutering to biopsies and dentistry.

Dental Health

We consider dental health to be very important for the overall health of our patients. Dental disease can cause untold pain and a number of other health problems in cats. We have well trained and certified technicians on staff that excell in restoring dental health and relieving pain caused by diseased teeth. Learn more, click here.

Pharmacy and Prescriptions

We have an in house pharmacy to fill prescriptions for most of your cat's needs. We also provide a mail order service for some prescriptions that will be used long term over your cat's life.


We provide grooming services, from lion cuts to comb outs, baths and nail trims.


If you need to board your cat while you are away, we offer boarding services from kitty condos to a large 10'x4' playroom suited for multiple cat households.

Digital X-Ray Machine

We were the first veterinary hospital in the area to have a digital X-ray machine which means faster turn around time on x-rays, less exposure to radiation, higher quality images and no worries of harmful developer chemicals used with traditional x-ray machines.

Pick Up and Delivery Service

For our senior citizen and disabled clients we provide a pick up and delivery service if you are unable to bring your cat to our clinic.

Emergency Care

If you have an emergency after hours, call the main number (203) 264-2287 and you will have the option of speaking to a live person from Shoreline Emergency Hospital in Shelton, CT, or hearing a list of other emergency clinics available in the area.